Rat Recipe: Are Rats Good to Eat?

People do not want rats to dwell inside their houses. However, they consider rats as palatable food. They like rat meat like those of other animals. In many parts of Asia and Europe, people deem rats as a rich source of protein. In Vietnam, the rat is a favorite dish. It is almost on the menu in every restaurant. In some parts of the world, rat meat is more expensive than chicken.

Different varieties of rats exist that customer enjoys an as healthy diet. The black rat, bandicoot rat, and rice field rat are the famous dishes in the Western part of the world. There are more than 89 rat species that people eat across the globe. People from Asia to Europe, Africa, and the United States like rat meat.

Rat Taste

There are speculations that rat meat tastes like those of chicken. However, many people believe that beef of rabbit and rat have the same taste. The flesh is tasty and a significant source of protein. A rat leg has an equal amount of protein, as found in a piece of beef. Thus, rat meat is not only delectable food but rich in protein. It is the reason that people catch rats in cages and export them to big markets for catering meat needs.

Rat Recipe

You have the freedom to cook rats according to your wishes. The ingredients you need to prepare a rat include oil, salt, pepper, vinegar, slices of onion, and other spices that you like. You can fry carcass of a rat, steam it or boil. However, if you want more taste, capture a big rat and heat it. The steamed rats offer a fantastic taste. Those who love roasted meat, a grey rat, may serve their purpose. You need to roast the rat fully to get maximum flavor. In addition to roasting, some want to enjoy the night with a barbecue. You can use big black rats for barbecue. They contain enough meat to cater to your needs and taste like a rabbit. Furthermore, vegetarians can enjoy rats along with their favorite dishes. Hence, a lot of methods are available for rat cooking.

Rat Meat Health Risks

You know rats carry parasites. They can cause diseases to human beings. Hence, you need extra care while cooking rats. The expert rat hunters extract poison and kill parasites before exporting rats to the market. They use anti-coagulants that act slowly on rats and ultimately remove harmful substances. The injection will take five days to work upon the rats. Thus, you need to purchase or hunt on healthy rats. Moreover, cooking a rat perfectly will save you from getting affected with rat born ailment. You need to clean and wash rat carcass in hot water before cooking. In this way, you can avoid harmful effects.

To conclude, rat meat is a famous dish throughout the world. People eat rat meat because it is tasty and replete with proteins. The flavor of rat meat compels people to try it and enjoy a new experience. However, it is essential to determine that the meat you eat is fresh and healthy.

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