Possum Recipe: Are Possums Good to Eat?

Possum meat is tasty, and people eat possums but not frequently. When you find a possum lying dead, and its carcass does not smell. You can transform dead possum into a delicious dish. The best thing about possums is that you need not use any tool to catch them. Possums are gentle animals. You can catch them with bare hands. However, if you are looking for a lot of possum meat for your family, you can use any of the tools to kill them and fetch home. You can catch them along the roadside. There is no need to roam in the forest to hunt them. Once the prey has been found, trying to remove hair and fats to make meat more enjoyable. The more taste can be obtained by soaking the meat in salt and vinegar for a night before cooking. Moreover, to get extra taste simmer possum in water with salt and pepper. It will make the meat soft and free from germs.

Possum Flavors

You can have different flavors of possum meat. You can serve possums with cabbage, sauce, and barbecue sauce. Possums taste like chickens. Those who do like vegetables the most can enjoy possum after eating their favorite dish. The more exciting flavor comes with a combination of baked sweet potato and properly cooked possum meat. Some people suggest cooking possum scalded and never remove its skin. It contains juices that help in adding more flavor in the flesh.

Possum Recipe

You can make possum stew. It requires a single possum, half cup oil, garlic cloves, some slices of onion, corns tomatoes, vinegar, and some drops of tabasco. Moreover, you can add salt according to need. You need to brown possum in oil for a few minutes. Add ingredients leaving aside pepper and potatoes. You need to cook it after simmering meat with these ingredients. Later, add the remaining spices and cook for 20 minutes. When meat becomes tender, take the oven to the table on a possum experience.

Roasted Possum

Another way to enjoy possum meat is to roast it in an iron pot. You need to brown pieces of the possum in oil and add all ingredients in a bowl. Afterward, you need to cook meat at 355-degree Fahrenheit for 1-2 hours. You can enjoy roasted beef with your family or partner in any season. It is a traditional dish in some parts of the world, such as Mason County. You can also make coon Hound possum gravy. It gives light texture to the meat and offers a terrific taste.

Thus, you should try possum meat once in a lifetime. It will provide you with a fantastic flavor. In the United States and Western parts of the world, people relish possum meat. It is rich in essential ingredients. You can cook possum meat along with vegetables.

Moreover, a possum is easy to hunt. Any once can catch it without putting much effort into the hunt. They walk alongside the road. Hence, it does not require you to purchase a hunting apparatus. Try its meat and enjoy a new eating experience.

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